Pythagoras Numerology and birth date

Pythagoras is true founder father of the Numerology science. Pythagorean Numerology believes that many events and phenomena can be expressed in simple numbers from 1 to 9. Each number has its own energy, affects the fate and character of a person. One of the most important determining date is the date of birth on Pythagoras.… Read More »

Numerical Mandala

All numbers surrounding us have a magical meaning. Their vibrations have a great impact on our lives. Various actions with the numerical vibrations are studied by numerology – a universal system of knowledge of the world order. All the phenomena of the world could be simplified to basic numerical vibrations. Numerology is part of karmic… Read More »

Meaning of the number 0

In a certain sense, a zero ( 0) in it’s essence – or unnumber or not number and it’s symbolizing nothingness, the absence of existing facilities. This is an abstract idea because we can understand the absence of only through the existence or the lack of existence. Aleister Crowley developed the formula of the universe,… Read More »

Meaning of the number 9

Number 9 is a number that has many dimensions. Exciting, internally contradictory, Swift, wordy, charismatic, impulsive, restless, generous, creative … 9 charms us, although annoying. Every aspect of the inherent number 3, 9 amplified. Put 3 under a magnifying glass and you will get 9. This number signifies the end of an old cycle and… Read More »

Meaning of the number 8

Number 8 is the antagonist of the number 7 and usually associated only with the forces of matter. The ambiguity of 8 clearly reflects the lemniscate, the symbol of infinity, in the form of the same eight, but seen from a different angle. Your value of this number also includes the aspect of the limit… Read More »

Meaning of the number 7

Number 7 is often considered a mysterious, lonely, aloof, difficult and magical. Crowley sees it as an unfortunate series of issues, all of which are generated by an obsession with the idea of perfection, so typical for the number 7. As long as we live on this planet, no one can win the war against… Read More »

Meaning of the number 6

While 5 is the number which manifest a tendency to all the temptations and the imperfection of the human race ( and have you ever thought about how close together these qualities ? ), The 6 represents the ideal of human perfection. Six is made up of two triangles – the positive and the negative,… Read More »

Meaning of the number 5

After gaining some stability it is time to change, to improve, to make improvements to change the way of thinking, try out different methods and approaches. Number 5 is the most human figure in a number of other properties, as the symbol of the human body and the five physical senses. The body of a… Read More »

Meaning of the number 4

Child (3) – is an idea in its purest form. The manifestation of this child, that is, his integrity and education, depends on sustaining power, which is the principle of the number 4. It symbolizes an organization hardness, structure, as well as certain limitations. While number 3 is a creative energy, the 4 is energy… Read More »