i found a lady on the internet. she is a medium, and a specialist in numerology. she gave me a free reading that included my 6 lucky numbers. she also gave me a revelation which was so accurate, that i'm convinced she knows me better than i know myself. i've been in a desperate time. she's alot about winning lots of money in games of luck, but her revelations may turn my life around. can i trust psychic power? her “complete study” has a cost, but i don't wanna miss out on it. has anyone else had experience with a psychic? lots of people say psychics are con artists, but she couldn't have conned me with my revelation.

coolguy, i watched the video, and now i'm more doubtful. the thing is, she specializes in numerology. i studied numerology a little, and did it with my date of birth. i found similar information on the numerology website about my “life path.” i did that myself. i don't doubt that she's studied numerology, but her having “visions,” i'm more skeptical.

Some people do have certain abilities, or at least think they do, while others don't.

I can't say “all those people are frauds” because not every individual is the same. I have had a few (read: just a few), weird things happen in my life, yes, they would be considered psychic by some people. But I didn't do any of such on purpose, nor have I done them again by accident.

So… some people likely really do do such things, while others don't or can't. Be careful who you trust. 

She is conning you. Some of these psychics, mediums, or whatever you want to call them, are very good at what they do, and they prey on people like you who are going through hard times. Please don't hand this woman a dime.

It's like the old joke: “How come you never see the headline 'Psychic Wins the Lottery?'” 

psychic powers exist, everyone has them, we just don't know how to use them……but some people do, or at least, found it out, anyway……I don't think you should trust this lady. Usually, people who really know how to use their psychic powers don't even want money, because they're honest people who would like to share their wisdom with others, without turning the whole thing into a business sh*t 

Psychic powers do not EXIST. I will not allow them to EXIST. I forbid it from existing for the rest of ETERNITY. 

Could we convince you instead that the ANTHROPLOGY section is SOOO not the right place to discuss this?

i'm convinced psychic power can turn my life around?