The thing I want to share with you is an important doubt in name numerology. I want to know your views on it.

Okay. Shoot your questions.

Question: People say that No.4 is unlucky of all numbers. Is it true?

No. 7 and 8 are much more unlucky than 4 in all respects.

I have seen those born with No.4 do not get adjusted with anyone.

That is not true. Not if they have perfect names like you got from me.

They do not get good friendships and if they start some partnership in some business or at work than their partnership also fails.

Such failures happen only when they have incorrect names.

I have seen that No.4 borns get hurt easily by people. Usually they also get cheated by their friends.

Again Name is more powerful than birth numbers and even if your are born with 7

Believe me sir she has been cheated by her near and dear ones too.

Even if she had born with excellent birth numbers of 5 Join in and write your own page! It’s easy to do. How?
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Is Name Numerology Of No. 4 That Unlucky?