Child (3) – is an idea in its purest form. The manifestation of this child, that is, his integrity and education, depends on sustaining power, which is the principle of the number 4. It symbolizes an organization hardness, structure, as well as certain limitations.

While number 3 is a creative energy, the 4 is energy performance required for the form and substance of thought. Like a newborn baby being taken care of parents, 3 ( child ) exists, but is in need of education ( 4) to continue its development and independent living. That’s why 4 times (wrongly ) interpreted as ” square ” – not only in the geometric sense (after all square – is the geometrical symbol of the number 4), but also in the sense conservative. In the broader context of a number 4 inherent stubbornness and a die-hard, just like the number 3 has certain inexperience and daydreaming . If 4 is an energy saving, for such a number, of course, there is nothing more natural than to oppose the changes and the new.

Meaning of the number 4
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