After gaining some stability it is time to change, to improve, to make improvements to change the way of thinking, try out different methods and approaches. Number 5 is the most human figure in a number of other properties, as the symbol of the human body and the five physical senses. The body of a man standing with his arms spread apart and feet has the shape of a pentagram, pentagrams and positive.

The child’s body has evolved and now he was a teenager. One of the features of adolescence is to resist everything and everyone, thereby affirming their identity.

Adolescence is a period of discovery, trying to break the taboo such as a ban on sex and drugs. This is a time when we experience the need to subject all check to yourself to find out what is the real value and that is no. In such a period of parental advice is not particularly useful ; offspring to experience all the strength, feel, taste what the world.

In terms of youth and cheerfulness 5 can symbolize a teenager, but sometimes it is also just an immature person, which requires the rights inherent in adulthood, but not willing to take responsibility associated with them. Number 5 plays a specific role in a completely different traditions especially in the occult, pagan rituals and alchemy.

Meaning of the number 5