Number 7 is often considered a mysterious, lonely, aloof, difficult and magical. Crowley sees it as an unfortunate series of issues, all of which are generated by an obsession with the idea of perfection, so typical for the number 7. As long as we live on this planet, no one can win the war against imperfection. That’s why the number 7 can be fanatical and obsessive, but it is worth noting that this is why 7 is sometimes closer to the perfection of others. Nevertheless, even though Crowley saw it as a map of the number of blind struggle for perfection ( the fight useless because imperfection – a necessary condition for life on Earth), Haydon believed the number seven virtues and character of God, as well as the number of virginity.

Ultimately, the number 7 symbolizes the thinking itself, which gives rise to various consequences, such as the development of technology as well as sophistry. Like all archetypes, the number 7 has its light and dark aspects. Its coldness does not hide the light of thought, a deep sense of religiosity and strength of his intuitions. That’s why 7 symbolizes the cultural and spiritual foundation of things. This is a prime, then there is a 7 stands outside any social (surface ) relations. This makes it a symbol of contemplation 7 people who have the exact ( and unemotional ) point of view on others.

Meaning of the number 7