All numbers surrounding us have a magical meaning. Their vibrations have a great impact on our lives. Various actions with the numerical vibrations are studied by numerology – a universal system of knowledge of the world order. All the phenomena of the world could be simplified to basic numerical vibrations.Coldred Numerological Mandala

Numerology is part of karmic astrology, which is not limited to our present incarnation. Therefore numerological horoscope reveals not only the goal of the concrete implementation, but gives also a deep karmic information. Construction of the mandala and further meditation cause subconscious breakout of mind and open doors to thin matter. You are awakening a special ecumenical rhythm when tuning in to mandala, contributing to the perception of cosmic energy along with the opportunity to completely change our destiny. After receiving new information you will be able to analyze your life, find out what strong sides you initially have, consciously adjust your weaknesses to achieve a solution to the purpose you were born.

The geometrical pattern of a person numerological horoscope (numerical mandala) is an individual picture of destiny. It reveals original path of a person and his hidden potential. Daily vibration energy flows reflect and act in the unconscious structures of our identity and personality, which can be seen in the mandala. Those vibrations are reflected in our thoughts, emotions, our health, different paths and possibilities of realizing the vision of the impact on the world in response to others.

You can see what we have lost and what gained in the course of life while exploring the mandala, what is good for us or bad, you can find out what to do in a particular year, month or day. Any mandala line shows how human life is progressing it’s way in the destiny, whether there are any ancestral curses, whether a person has magical powers, and if so, how to use them, how to compensate for the natural weakness.

Egregor number

Egregor – is self developing object in subtle world . It occurs when a group of people are starting to think the same and product of their mental matter reaches a certain size. Egregor’s life is supported by energy generated during people performance of certain rituals and customs. Relationship between man and his egregore (family, nation, religion, science, art, politics, etc.) is two-sided . The man not only supports and enhances eregor with their thoughts and actions, but egregor gives a person it’s support and protection too.

Numerological code

Each person has a specific numeric code that defines most of his fate. You can see and realize the effect of this code only through numerical analysis of the mandala. According to this code a person can tune in to the flow of energy that is required to bring him into harmony and objective perception of the world.

Key parts of numerological code:

  1. Date of birth – the primary defining vibration of humans. This is the main number expressing its essence. Date of birth numbers indicate the individual harmony base of the three bodies of the person: physical, astral and mental.
  2. Birth day – vibration number of the day used to harmonize the physical body.
  3. Birth month is the number of the astral body that is used to bring harmony to our energy and emotions.
    Birth year – number of the mental body and thoughts, the most subtle spiritual part available to us in understanding and control at the level of everyday life.
Numerical Mandala
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