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Ancient knowledge of numbers

Digit – it is a symbol that expresses a certain idea, an abstraction. Many scientists agree that any possible knowledge is present in the mind in an abstract form. The numbers is a language, a means of communication. We express our thoughts through language based on the numerical symbolism. Carl Jung stated that the numbers… Read More »

Numerology and cell phone number

According to numerology, numbers not only affect our character, but also events that happen to us. Perhaps it is your phone number has led to frequent calls and good deals? In order to determine the numerological number of your cell phone, you need to make a sum of it’s component digits. Example for cell phone… Read More »

The History of Numerology

The actual traditional western type of Numerology, the actual Pythagorian program, is probably the the majority of long lasting as well as well-liked of self-help techniques actually produced. The actual Chinese language, Japoneses, Ancient greek, Hebrews, Egyptians, Phoenicians, earlier Christian believers, Mayans as well as Incas just about all used quantity techniques to achieve the… Read More »

Classical numerology

The idea of ​​a magical nature of each number is probably as old as the concept of numbers. The fact that they have a number of mathematical properties (for example, they can be simple or compound, odd and even, positive and negative, and so on), is well known to all. But what is meant by the magical… Read More »