Changes – This property is undeniable inherent of each life cycle . Everything is constantly changing, and this is the continued existence of the premise.

That’s why one can not be alone ad infinitum, it must undergo fragmentation to become 2 – the opposite pole , the receptive, passive, feminine, lunar and subtle energy symbol. Based on the fact that women, those who live for others, the number 2, in order to enable it to be functional, you need a double someone that can take care of the range of subtle emotions inherent in two-man team. This is true not only for romantic relationships, but also for the relations of cooperation.

Number 2 brings with it the idea of ​​rhythm, dance and mathematics. The score starts with a 2 – we did not think to one, because it is the only number that does not require counting . The other side , directed against no; doubt , duality , the choice of two paths .

The meaning of 2 (two)